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Milkmare photo milky_smilepose1_by_kipenz-d5wxdo0_zpsc6681b28.png

Let's be friends!I feel lonely!~

Sometimes I like wearing socks (black and white)


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Milkmare (Milky Way)
United States
Hello,My name is Milkmare (some call me Milky Way)
For some reason my friends think I'm wierd...
Here's some information about me :
Name : Milkmare (Or Milky Way)
Species : Earth Pony
Live : Ponyville
Mane : Blue/Dark Blue
Coat : Yellow
Eyes : Green
In a relationship with : Nopony (Single)
I've just joined dA and I'll be honored if you could show me around and this stuff...

Milkmare(Milky Way) photo 366983dz_zpsf7ee6757.gif

Milkmare (Milky Way) photo milky_innocently_stretching_by_kipenz-d5qzphk_zps472c5817.png

U-Umm..Well..We could chat and this stuff...Hehehe...
milky stahp photo milky__stahp__by_kipenz-d5qweda_zpsa41f0677.png

(I love to RP,And mostly I like to hang out with my friends!)/////

I know all the ponies in Ponyville..I'm not sure for the ones in the other places...
I know all about Mane 6 and how famous they are!I understood that Twilight Sparkle (One of the Mane 6s became an alicorn!! (I thought that was impossible!!!)
Her friends are one unicorn (She was a unicorn too) , two pegasus ponies and two earth ponies (The exact amount of 6 ponies)
They are all fillies and they all have pets...

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My whole DA hobby has led up to this moment.
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This isn't milkmare!!!! Milkmare is milky swirl. Milky Way has nothing to do with milkmare -_-
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Naida: Hello there.
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* a red unicorn comes by with a bottle of orange juice*
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I want milk!
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Would you like to see some of my works
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